Ultimate Speedracing organization for setting up
online racing on Raceroom Servers
Ultimate Speedracing organisation für Online-Rennen auf Raceroom-Servern



Admininistrator: Nick Feys (Website and Servers)

Championship information/Championship Informationnen

Series information/ Serieninforationen:

Ultimate Speedracing is proud to bring you our tribute to the ever-popular DTM 2016

Ultimate Speedracing ist stolz, Ihnen die allseits beliebte DTM 2016 zu präsentieren.

Car Choise / Autowahl:

AUDI RS 5 DTM 2016 (8 cars)

BMW M4 DTM 2016 (8 cars)

MERCEDES-AMG C 63 DTM (8 cars)

Race Points championship/ Rennpunkte Meisterschaft:

Qualy: 3,2,1

Race: 25,18,15,12,10,8,6,4,2,1

points Scored for DNF @ 75% Race distance or higher.

Event Timetable/ Veranstaltungszeitplan:

Practice: 20.00pm - (30 minutes)

Qualifying: 20.30pm - (30 minutes)

Warm up: 21.00pm - (5 minutes)

Race 1: 21.05pm - (30 minutes) with pitstops


Practice: 21.35pm (10 minutes)

Qualifying: 21.45pm (15 minutes)

Warm up: 22.00pm - (5 minutes)

Race 2: 22.05pm - (40 minutes) with pitstops

End: 22.45pm

If you are going to register for your car choice in "Register here", first check here in the Spotter Guide which car is still free. Every race car can only be taken once. Each driver drives his own racing car.

Wenn Sie sich unter "Hier registrieren" für Ihre Fahrzeugauswahl registrieren möchten, überprüfen Sie zuerst im Spotter Guide, welches Auto noch frei ist. Jeder Rennwagen kann nur einmal gefahren werden. Jeder Fahrer fährt sein eigenes Rennauto.

This is the name that you will find in the Raceroom server

Dies ist der Name, den Sie im Raceroom Server finden


After registering on the site in "Register here" you will be included in the spotter Guide.

You will receive the password for this DTM championship via this email.

Nach der Registrierung auf der Website unter "Hier registrieren" werden Sie in den Spotter Guide aufgenomen.

Über diese E-Mail erhalten Sie das Passwort für diese DTM-Meisterschaft.

Server Settings:

Max num of players: 24

Tire wear: Normal

Mechanical damage: On

Flag Rules: Visual Only

Mandatory pitstop: On

Checkered after time: 240

Difficulty: GetReal

Fuel usage: Normal

Visual Damage: Realistic

Race Finish Duration: 360

Cut rules: off

Non ready pitlane start delay: 10

Allow players join in Qualifying: On

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